February 28, 2007

Will AVN’s AEE Tank?

I’ve spoken to a few people who recently returned from Florida where they attended the Expo Mart. By all reports, it was a smashing success! Some industry insiders are saying they met buyers they’ve never met and, while this is about to sound like I have things in the wrong order, deals were hatched and consumated by many.

Interestingly, a common thread I’ve heard involves AVN’s annual, Vegas-venue, AEE show. By all reports, many of Expo Mart’s attendees were saying their companies aren’t going to participate in next year’s AEE. It seems the cost hasn’t justified the benefits in recent years. Many of them were especially dissapointed with last year’s event. Fewer companies will mean fewer girls and fewer girls will mean fewer fans and looky-loos.

I guess we’ll all have to wait and see what happens. It’s still almost a year away, certainly enough time for AVN to take a look at what its been doing to meet the needs of participants and what it might do to keep these many companies attending their convention.

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February 18, 2007

Perversion for Profit

This could be the single most laugh-out-loud, anti-porn, propaganda piece every filmed!

In this 1965 production, newsman, George Putnam, warns us of the dangers of pornography. He takes the viewer on a virtual tour of titillating smut as he links porn to communism and, over and over, makes his case for it being all about protecting the kids.

Forty-odd years later, Putnam’s views sound exactly like the words of today’s anti-porn crusaders. The more some things change, the more they remain the same. Putnam portrays the porn biz (of his day) as a $2 billion a year business. Replace the newstand of Putnam’s time to the internet of today and you’ll see and hear how his words and views are so similar — make that exactly like — those echoed by today’s anti-porn zealots. These guys need some new writers.

CLICK HERE to watch “Perversion for Profit.”

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February 16, 2007

Who’s Your Daddy?

New questions in the sensational Anna Nicole Smith soap opera reveal two, new, unusual suspects in the frenzied, media-driven, “Who’s your Daddy?” mystery.

Tongues are wagging and theories abound that Smash Pictures CEO, Danny Quinn, and Smash Pictures GM and sales guy, Stuart Wall, might be possible sperm donors in the ongoing, high-stakes, paternity battle for all those millions.

“I’m a professional and would never think of using my good looks, charm, or professional position to leverage myself into a carnal dalliance with any woman, much less one who was as emotionally vulnerable as Ms. Smith seems to have been,” Stu (Dog) Wall did not say. “But that is an awful lot of money,” Wall neglected to add with a sparkle in his eye. (Journalistic nod to G. Ponante)

“It would be an honor for any woman to bear Dan Quinn’s child,” porn PR Guru, Jeff Mullen, did not announce in a press release on Quinn’s behalf. (A press release that, also and for once, did not mention Britney Rears.) “It seems people are reading something special into the fact that Ms. Smith’s surviving daughter is named Dannilynn. Danny Quinn does not, at this time, wish to comment on the similarities in names between himself and Ms. Smith’s daughter,” Mullen said. “But, yes,” Mullen conceded, “It is adding fuel to the fire and increasing speculation.”

Both Quinn and Wall met the now-deceased tabloid tart at a Larry Flynt roast hosted by the Friar’s Club.

“They all seemed pretty chummy if you ask me,” commented an attendee who did not wish to be identified. “Who knows what went on after the roast? Threesome anyone?”

A former Smash Pictures director said Ms. Smith was approached at the roast about participating in a potential project, “The Anal Nicole Smith Show,” that would parody the star’s reality TV program. It’s been reported that, while money was discussed, Ms. Smith demanded more than the producers were willing to give. More money, that is.

Only time and court filings might reveal if there is any substance to this Quinn/Wall theoretical spoof.

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February 14, 2007

OMG! I’m Such a ‘Tard!

I just received a phone call from everyone’s moral leader, Luke Ford.

“What’s up with your site?” Lukey asked.

“Other than I haven’t updated in a week or two, nothing,” I said.

“It’s been down for a few days.”

“Huh? That’s news to me. I had no idea.”

After chatting with Luke about this and that for a few minutes, I got off the phone and did some quick research and found out that my URL expired a few days ago, on the 10th. I sent them a payment and, well, now simplyjimmyd is back on line. I also updated some personal info with them, like my new phone number and email address. I guess that’s why I didn’t know the site was going to expire: They had no current way of contacting me.

Like I said, I’m such a ‘tard.

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February 1, 2007

Newsweek Wants to Know Wuzzup in the Jizz Biz

I was contacted by a reporter from Newsweek yesterday. He wanted to ask me a few questions about the current state of porn’s health and where I thought the biz is heading. I liken his inquiries to CNN interviewing troops in the field rather than the Generals in their bunkers. (Generals who will, for the most part, only spin officially-sanctioned views.)

The dude wanted to know all kinds of stuff. For example: What’s going on in production and sales lately? Why has porn become so “gnarly”in terms of content? How many billions I thought the biz is really worth? What impact will the jizz biz have on the battle over Blu-Ray and HD DVD? And more.

I’ve been interviewed by this Newsweek reporter before– It was two or three years ago when I was involved with that XXX Church thing and all the media hooplah that surrounded it. I learned a lot about dealing with the media back then. Couldn’t help getting educa-mated after being interviewed by so many TV stations and shows including CNN, ABC, FOX, The Daily Show, and even Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcast Network. And, of course, there were a whole bunch of articles and interviews about it in newspapers and magazines world-wide. Hey! I even got my picture in People magazine! How many other people in this biz can claim that? During that time, some people in this biz were publicly calling me a “turncoat” and saying I should be “shunned from the business.” Well, it’s two or three years later and I’m still here and still working. So much for shunning JimmyD, fuck you very much.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: “You can’t flunk out of porn!”

If you’re interested in what I might have said, you’ll have to wait till Newsweek publishes it. (I have no idea when that will be.) I’ll tell you something– Back in those XXX Church days, I learned (when dealing with national publications) it’s better to ask for the questions in writing and respond in writing. Kinda reduces the chances of misquotes and/or things being taken out of context, ya know?

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