February 1, 2007

Newsweek Wants to Know Wuzzup in the Jizz Biz

I was contacted by a reporter from Newsweek yesterday. He wanted to ask me a few questions about the current state of porn’s health and where I thought the biz is heading. I liken his inquiries to CNN interviewing troops in the field rather than the Generals in their bunkers. (Generals who will, for the most part, only spin officially-sanctioned views.)

The dude wanted to know all kinds of stuff. For example: What’s going on in production and sales lately? Why has porn become so “gnarly”in terms of content? How many billions I thought the biz is really worth? What impact will the jizz biz have on the battle over Blu-Ray and HD DVD? And more.

I’ve been interviewed by this Newsweek reporter before– It was two or three years ago when I was involved with that XXX Church thing and all the media hooplah that surrounded it. I learned a lot about dealing with the media back then. Couldn’t help getting educa-mated after being interviewed by so many TV stations and shows including CNN, ABC, FOX, The Daily Show, and even Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcast Network. And, of course, there were a whole bunch of articles and interviews about it in newspapers and magazines world-wide. Hey! I even got my picture in People magazine! How many other people in this biz can claim that? During that time, some people in this biz were publicly calling me a “turncoat” and saying I should be “shunned from the business.” Well, it’s two or three years later and I’m still here and still working. So much for shunning JimmyD, fuck you very much.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: “You can’t flunk out of porn!”

If you’re interested in what I might have said, you’ll have to wait till Newsweek publishes it. (I have no idea when that will be.) I’ll tell you something– Back in those XXX Church days, I learned (when dealing with national publications) it’s better to ask for the questions in writing and respond in writing. Kinda reduces the chances of misquotes and/or things being taken out of context, ya know?

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