March 10, 2007

Why Is Vice Hassling Mika?

Over on, two stories in as many days recount visits to Mika Tan’s home by LAPD Vice officers. Each time, it’s reported, the cops entered Mika’s home, without a warrant or obvious probable cause and while a shoot was taking place, looking for underage performers.

I doubt this is a case of the LAPD singling out Mika Tan and conspiring to make her life miserable. Besides, LAPD Vice knows enough about how the mainstream, brick-n-mortar porn biz works to know the odds of anyone in the valley’s porn biz intentionally shooting underage performers approaches nil. (Maybe they should share this tidbit with federal investigators?)

I think there’s two, obvious, possibilities for Vice’s presence: 1) They’re responding to an unhappy neighbor’s complaints, or 2) Someone in the adult biz — someone with issues with Mika or the companies shooting at her location home — is giving false, annonymous, tips to Vice.

I’ll bet the latter is the case. If there were an unhappy neighbor calling in false tips to the cops, these acts would, most likely, be commited after some escalation of hostilities towards Ms. Tan. I haven’t read anything coming from Mika that indicates she has had neighbor problems.

Porners ratting out porners is nothing new. The old permit scam was a perfect example. But this is something different as their doesn’t seem to be an obvious financial incentive. If I were Mika, I’d be trying to ferret out the rat. And if she does ferret said rat out, she ought to share her findings with the LAPD. I’m not saying LAPD will do jack about it, but at least Mika’s report will be on record and might help with any defense she might need to mount.

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