August 4, 2006

Is There Dignity in Cyber-Pissing Matches?

I’m often amused when Luke Ford gets into pissing matches with the likes of AVN staffers.

Luke, who squanders too much of his time, in my opinion, writing about his adolescent crush on the nepostically-fortunate porntographer, Holly Randall, posting threats, legal or otherwise, from outraged people who see Luke’s form of online journalism as libelous, or taking the so-called high moral ground, pontificating on his Jewish beliefs, is enjoyably readable when he manages to stir the ire of the likes of senior AVN editors.

But why do AVN’s people fall for Luke’s subtle bait? While they engage in pissing matches over things as foolish to bandy back and forth as plagiarism — You plagiarize! No! You plagiarize! — I can’t help but wonder if there aren’t more important things for the editorial staff of my industry’s #1 trade publication to focus on. You know, things like the recent 2257 inspections or where this industry is heading (other than to hell in a handbasket) or what’s going on with so many companies taking a production hiatus.

I guess I’m wondering, where is the journalistic dignity is in all this? Do journalists at the NY Times cyber-squabble with journalists from the Washington Post? Okay, maybe that’s not a good example. That would infer that Luke Ford and AVN are somehow on a journalistic par with the likes of journalists from those two newspapers. But do reporters from the National Enquirer get into ethics pissing matches with writers from Mad Magazine?

Oh well. Just another day in the jizz biz, I guess.

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