August 11, 2006

Can Porn Be Art?

Can porn be art? Probably not. Maybe. I’m not sure. Can porn stars be art? Well, to quote Curley, from The Three Stooges, “Why soytainly!”

Just recently, while shooting Nautica Thorn, things were moving along nicely and in a timely fashion. (How unusual on a porn set, no?) I’d shot everything the producers, Anarchy Films, wanted and I said to Nautica, “Let’s shoot some artsy shit.” She agreed. I love it when beautiful women are agreeable. So I pulled over this round, black thing I have in the studio and asked naked Nautica to climb on board.

We only snapped a dozen pics or so but I kind of like the artsiness of this one, especially in B&W. Maybe I’ll get it printed big and use it as a wall-hanger. It might look better than my signed collection of Elvis-on-black-velvet paintings autographed by the arteest … some guy named Juan or Miguel, I’m not sure.

Anyway, here’s Nautica in a very un-porn like image. She looks like a cat ready to pounce, don’t she? She can pounce this way anytime.

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