August 21, 2006

Houston Don Chimes in on Porn Scribes

Houston Don writes:

Hi Jimmy!
I read your latest blog commentary about Porn Scribes and liked it so much that I figured I’d comment. The whole cottage industry, as you put it, sprang forth from the popularity of the internet more than anything else. Prior to that, there had been a number of Bulletin Boards but the ability to reach a larger audience was what has driven the matter thus far. Like the printing press took the world by storm, so too has the net because people from all walks of life enjoy sharing their ideas. Prior to the net, there were very few forums that a porn lover could discuss the genre, leaving it to the publishers to decide what would be talked about and how.

In a sense, you’re right to point to AVN as inspirational in this regard because as “the” industry trade magazine, it tends to promote a very specific agenda. They sell advertising space and are looked upon to provide the sanitized version of the industry to the world whereas Luke, Mike, Todd, Gram, and the scores of others are not so burdened. The same holds true for the review websites where Den, Roger, and numerous others are able to provide a look at the movies themselves, without relying on the usual style the trade magazine provides most movies. Just as it wouldn’t be realistic to expect AVN to run expose’s on most of the faults in the industry, there is clearly enough interest to keep these sources going (some of which are quite profitable while others are labors of love, for lack of a better term).

Porn may be crap, as you put it, but that doesn’t diminish it’s value to many people as stroke material, some of who wish to know more about it and those involved. Your point of view happens to be insightful and often clever, a couple of traits that made Quasar’s ranting board so interesting so keep up the good work and keep calling them like you see them.

Take care, Don

Thanks, Don! If there’s one thing you’ve proved, by writing in with your commentary, it’s that there’s at least one person out there who occasionally reads my blog. That’s all the proof I need to keep me going with this thing.

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