June 29, 2006

A Good Way to Start

I figure a good way to begin resurrecting my blog is with some girlie pics. Besides, I need to learn how to post pics on this thing.

The pics are Kitty and Naudia. Kitty’s the blonde and Naudia is, uhh… not the blonde.

Both girls are from Ohio and fairly new to the biz. They told me they know Felecia Fox, Tim Case, and Mike South from before coming to SoCal. It must be true. Who would admit knowing Tim and Mike if it weren’t so? (BTW, if either of them know either Tim or Mike in the Biblical sense, they didn’t say.)

Katie Morgan brought them by the studio so I could shoot some images of them for Absolute Modeling.

(Now I gotta get Katie in here for some quality, jimmyD, photo time.)

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