September 5, 2006

Jesus Camp

This is scarey. There’s a documentary film being released this month called Jesus Camp. It’s not the film, itself, that’s scarey, it’s the people the film examines who are… scarey, that is.

It doesn’t take a degree in history or sociology to understand that, throughout much of human history and, perhaps, today more than ever, religious fanaticism has been and is at the center of so many of the world’s problems. Not problems like global warming or the Bird Flu, but the sorts of problems that set people against people and nations against nations in terrible ways.

The trailer for Jesus Camp begins with a group of children pledging allegiance to the “Christian Flag…” From there, believe it or not, it gets scarier:

A woman, a Jesus Camp counselor I assume, tells the children, “There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who love Jesus and those who don’t.”

A young boy proudly says, “We’re being trained to be God’s army.”

A man states, “If the Evangelicals vote, they determine the election.”

Another man adds, “They’ve taken over the White House, Congress, the judiciary for a generation.”

Check out the Jesus Camp trailer HERE and be afraid. Be very afraid.

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