June 29, 2006


I attended eroticaLA over the weekend. Actually, I only attended on Saturday. But just attending Saturday-only was more than enough for me.What can I say about eLA that hasn’t already been written? How about it sucked?

When I say it sucked, I’m not talking about it sucking from a financial point-of-view. I’m sure it was a cash cow for its promoters. After all, all those thousands of people coming in at $30 a pop– That’s some serious green.

When I say it sucked, I’m talking about it, basically, being a big freaking bore.

First off, other than Club Jenna’s girls and a few others, there really weren’t many porn stars there. At least, not that I saw. Could it be that few exhibitors were willing to part with some dough to pay these girls to hang out at their booths at a FAN CONVENTION and endure the lurid, groping advances of salivating fan boys? I don’t know. I was just an observer. I don’t scientifically analyze this shit.Next, there was some truly frightening women there who had no business wearing what little they were wearing. Don’t these chicks own mirrors? There ought’a be a law against showing so much skin when the skin is padded with so much, uhhh… padding. Granted, I got no room to talk. But I keep my lack-o-leanness covered. And I cover it with dark colors cuz, you know, dark colors are thinning.

It also seemed to me that less companies were exhibiting than in previous years. Sure, the aforementioned Club Jenna was there, as was Wicked and Red Light and some other “big guys.” But where was Digital Playground? Vivid? Sin City? Metro? If they were there I didn’t notice them.It seemed that sales of DVDs were brisk, especially considering many of them were being purchased for prices like 3 for $5. I guess that was a windfall for their sellers.

I brought my camera but I felt out of place shooting images with an actual camera rather than a cell phone.

“Hey! Check that dude out. He’s shooting pictures with a camera.”

“Silly pornographer.”

The pic at the top depicts the girls of JC’s Girls (posing with your humble scribe.) JC’s Girls, btw, were nice enough to badge me for the show. No one else was thoughtful enough or considerate enough or Christian enough, as some say, to do this for me. The other pic is the ever-cherubic Leah Luv. Leah is a contract performer for Anarchy and I thought I’d post a pic of her (with Anarchy’s logo prominently displayed in the background) because, well, because I shoot stuff for Anarchy and, with things being slow right now, I thought I’d kiss a little ass.

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