November 9, 2006

The Rise and Fall of the Porno Empire

Just so people don’t think it’s only me who’s publicly ruminating about our industry’s rapidly declining health, here’s an email I received this morning from one of those people we hear too little from in these matters: An actual porn consumer. I won’t comment on his letter other than to say I’m guessing it might reflect the attitudes of many porn consumers.

Hey Jimmy,

I read your most recent posts on the demise of the adult business. I can assure you that the feeling’s mutual from a consumer standpoint!

A friend of mine who has a nice video store admits it’s getting much harder for him to make a living because of the internet. I can understand this, because the market is saturated with titles and he won’t make money unless the titles he buys rent six times. As revenues are now lower due to the internet, he must now be more careful about what he buys. No more Ed Powers titles and Vivid titles, they don’t rent six times! Problem is, I still watch that shit because I like Monique Alexander and Ed Powers still has new chicks.

In the old days, fewer titles came out daily, now it seems that everybody that can buy a digital camcorder can start a production company. So what do you buy if you’re a store owner?

In today’s adult world, the same talent appears in every movie that comes out for a few months. What if none of those women appeal to your personal taste? I’m not renting much now because none of the talent appeals to my tastes.

I’m starting to rely more and more on my accumulated collection of pornography and less and less on the new releases. It’s all about competitive forces shaking out the riff-raff from my standpoint, nobody seems to show the women I want to see…

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