November 16, 2006

Playing With Aaralyn Bara

Had a fun day yesterday shooting Aaralyn Bara for an upcoming volume of Anarchy’s top-selling interactive “Playing With…” line.

I had shot Aaralyn before and knew her to be a peach on the set. Yesterday was no different: She arrived on time with a great attitude and didn’t once engage in any Diva crap.

I’ve been shooting this line for Anarchy for about three years now. It’s been nominated each year for “Best Interactive.” The debut for the series featured Ariana Jolee and received a nom. The latest nom is for “Playing with Roxy Jezel.” I think I’ve shot and directed between thirty and forty volumes for the series. I must be doing something right: it keeps selling well (even in a crowded marketplace) and Anarchy keeps hiring me to shoot the show.

Anyone’s who has worked with me knows I try to keep my sets upbeat and fun. This is porn. The fate of the known universe doesn’t revolve around what we do on porn sets. Directors who yell, scream, and carry-on like maniacs on porn sets are twits. What the fuck’s that all about? Get over yourselves. We’re shooting people sucking and fucking here–sometimes with a story to go with it, more often without–so what’s the big fucking deal? You should be kissing someone’s ass to get paid to make porn. It ain’t rocket science and it ain’t (real) filmmaking. It’s porn. I don’t say that to denigrate the process of creating decent porn. It does take certain skills to do it well. But they don’t offer Ph.D.’s in Adult Entertainment and my guess is they never will.

Look for “Playing With Aaralyn Bara” coming to a rental store or online retailer soon. It includes plenty of sexy content and viewers get to see what they want to see when they want to see it. That’s what interactive’s all about.

Okay, I’m done kissing one of my employers’ asses. Hopefully, in my next update, I’ll go back to being a jaded observer and commentator of this thing we do.

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