November 26, 2006

Jesus Loves Porn Stars?

Lately, if you’re a regular reader of LukeIsBack, you might have come to believe there’s the beginning of some kind of exodus, by porn chicks, from porn to Jesus. I don’t think so! I’d hardly call a half-dozen or so porn chicks suddenly finding religion much of an exodus.

But if I can offer a smidgen of advice to these girls–and I know I’m probably the last guy they need advice from, spiritual or otherwise–here it is: Before (or while) you girls go off finding Jesus you also might want to think about finding a job.

While I respect the beliefs of those who believe they’ve found solace bathing in the spiritual glow of their lord and saviour, you might find that Mr. J.H. Christ is more generous with love and forgiveness than he is with cold, hard, cash.

Some of you have been living a fairly charmed life for quite some time; financially charmed, that is. But in the real world, money won’t be growing on trees for you the way it has in porn. Well, maybe it hasn’t grown on trees, but it has certainly grown from the tree-limb-like appendages sprouting out of the groins of meatpuppets.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying any of you shouldn’t leave this business and find new lives. And I’m not saying you’re making a mistake by turning to the world of Christianity to guide you wherever your life is now going. I’m just saying that, throughout my life, it’s been my often-seen observation that prayers are rarely answered when it comes to things like financial matters. In fact, it’s also been my observation that, when it comes to prayers and money, the money mostly flows to the church and its professional practitioners before it makes its way, if ever, to the flock.

While I thoroughly agree with the notion that Jesus Loves Porn Stars, I’m not sure some of you girls have fully come to grips with the kind of love Christianity is talking about. Please note that it’s a kind of love that, most likely, won’t put any cash in your purses. Up till now, some of you have been all (or mostly) about money. And although most of the Christians I’ve known have also been mostly about money as well, that doesn’t mean you or they always come by it… i.e., with the help of Jesus.

If anyone is wondering what I’m saying here… I’m just saying. Capiche?

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