December 27, 2006

Are Porn Workers Becoming Seasonal Workers?

A lot of people I’ve spoken with are expressing little confidence in the jiz biz’s near future. Contrary to what some people would have you believe, our ten or twelve or fourteen billion dollar business did not come out of its summer slump in any notable way. Yeah, autumn was better than summer but not by all that much. What made it worse was that last spring wasn’t all that great either. Here’s how the excuses went:

“It’s tax time. Nobody pays around tax time.”

“It’s summer. Everything slows down in the summer.”

“The holidays are coming. Everything slows down for the holidays.”

So what is the current excuse? I think it goes like this: “It’s time for the show… Nothing goes on before and during the (AEE) show.” That sounds reasonable. The problem is, just after the show we find ourselves only a few, short, months away from, “It’s tax time. Nobody pays around tax time.”

I’m starting to think we’ve almost arrived at a two-season production year: Mid-winter to spring and Labor Day to Thanksgiving. If that’s true, that makes porn people, essentially, seasonal workers. I’ve never thought of myself as a seasonal worker but I’m starting to think, for the most part, that’s what I’m becoming; that’s what most all of us are becoming.

I’m not saying there isn’t any non-seasonal or off-season porn being produced. I’m saying there’s lots less non-seasonal porn being produced than in previous years; make that every previous year since I’ve been in the biz.

To make matter worse, not only is there less off-season porn being produced, there’s less seasonal porn being produced! Please note that I’m talking about production, not distribution. There’s still plenty of porn being released and distributed. In fact, more than ever before. There just isn’t as much porn being produced. That might sound odd to some of you but, to many of you, you know exactly what I’m talking about: I’m talking about re-cycled porn. Something there’s more of being dumped in the marketplace than ever before.

Personally, I’m looking forward to 2007. Why? Because I’m not putting all my eggs in the porn basket and because I’m pursuing other things that aren’t porn-related. And some of those “other things” are things I’m fairly excited about!

None of this is to say I’m retiring from porn, I’m not. You don’t get rid of JimmyD that easily. I’m simply doing what Jack Lawrence (according to AdultFYI) is doing: I’m going after some “just in case income.” But unlike Jack, I’m not doing it because I might break a leg and be out of commission for a few months. I’m doing it because I don’t have a lot of confidence in the future of porn production. Hey! I’d love to be wrong about this. I’m happy shooting smut. I try to do a great job for the people who hire me and I rarely get complaints about the quality of my work. I just don’t see there being as much work during the upcoming porn seasons and certainly not during the off-seasons.

The completely gratuitous eye-candy at the top of this post is Faith Leone. I photographed Faith recently and, frankly, beautiful babes like Faith are one big reason why I’m happy when shooting smut.

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