July 25, 2006

Risking My Mental Health Acknowledged

Tim, of TWtalent writes:

You were shooting a 55 year old virgin hermaphrodite who looks like a man, thinks she’s a woman, but is a lesbian……..What the fuck do you expect? Hallmark card moments and sappy, teary-eyed, memories of a special conjoining of souls?

You are a strong man in ways I will never be able to know or be able witness without massive amounts of THC coursing through my veins. If it was not for guys like you, willing to take his sanity and risk it for far less pay than it could have been worth so the world would not be without this human phenomenon captured for all time in HD, guys like me would have to do it. So for all of us who didn’t have to be there, THANK YOU.

There was one unanswered question I believe that all of you readers would like to know…….How big was his cock? -Tim White

jimmyd sez: I think the proper way to ask that, Tim, is “How big was its cock?” Not “his” cock… but “its” cock. Before answering your question, let me first state that at no time did I appraise the herm’s male appendage and think to myself, “Hmmm… that looks to be about x-inches.” The truth is, I tried my best to avoid looking. Of course, as a cameraman, it would be impossible to not look. My best judgement would be that it was about 4-inches or so, flaccid, and of normal girth. (Note: The word “normal” probably doesn’t belong in any description of this stuff.) BTW, It never became what would normally be considered erect, although it did seem to a exhibit a “semi-erect” status for awhile. I cannot, therefore, answer the following questions: A) Does it become fully erect? B) What size would it be in a fully erect state? C) Does it spooge? Maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe some questions are best left unanswered.

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