July 25, 2006

There Are Two Kinds of FIPs in Porn

Porn has its own language: Pornbonics might be a good way to describe it. Pornbonics are phrases and terms and acronyms that exist, mainly and exclusively, in the world of XXX production. Some of the language of pornbonics is commonly understood. Many people understand the terms money shot or pop shot. A fair number of people, non-porn people that is, can explain the terms for the various sexual positions engaged in during the production of sex scenes: mish, reverse cow, spoon, scissors, and pile-driver are a few. “A” is for anal, and “C” refers to a light.

The least commonly understood term is, most likely, the FIP.

A FIP, of course, is an acronym. It means, Fake Internal Pop(shot). FIPs are captured for use in soft-core versions of XXX flicks. In most soft or cable or PPV versions of skin-flicks, the actual pop-shot is verboten. Instead, it is replaced with a FIP wherein the male performer scrunches his face, makes weird sounds, and acts as if he’s having the best orgasm of his entire life. Female performers routinely FIP, or something akin to FIPing, but we don’t bother labeling this as females faking orgasms are as much a part of many people’s lives as they are a part of porn life. When I’m directing, I will sometimes instruct the female performer to give me a “Big ‘O’ face,” but that’s about as close as I come to refering to a female FIP; i.e., when it comes to having porn chicks pretending they’re getting off.

It’s ocurred to me that there’s another kind of FIP in porn. I wouldn’t call this an epiphany or anything of that magnitude, but I was reading LukeisBack this morning and someone wrote in (to Luke) asking, “Whatever happened to Mason?”

You remember Mason, right? She was once touted as the first, real, coming of a female, gonzo-director messiah. A year or two ago, AVN embraced her in ways that I could only wish they might have embraced me at various times during my so-called career. Yep, for a time, Mason was the toast of the West Valley: A mysterious director-chick who refused to allow her face to be photographed and who shot some fairly extreme sex.

But all at once, it seems, Mason became a FIP.

No, she didn’t become the embodiment of a Fake Internal Popshot. Mason’s kind of FIP refers to what seems to have happened to her. Mason, like more than a few other XXX directors and others, somehow went into porn’s record books as a “Flash In the Pan.” Yep, Mason became a FIP.

So there you have it: A new variation on the pornbonics term FIP: A Flash In the Pan. A term that can be applied to directors, performers, and even companies. (The gossip and alleged, heard on the street stuff circulating about Torrid/Defiance comes to mind.)

Sometimes, after well over a decade STILL working and shooting and earning my livelihood in this business, I feel like patting myself on the back for my, uhhh… insightfulness, longevity, and No-FIP status. But then, reality checks in and I remember where I am… in porn… a place where “pats on the back” are as silly as, well, as awards for sodomy and fellatio.

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