July 28, 2006

Conspiracy or Intolerance?

Is anyone sniffing a conspiracy here? First the Temptation Awards moved venues from the Beverly Hilton to Pasadena’s Ritz-Carlton due to some contractual dipute. Now, a day or so after announcing that move, Temptation Awards organizers have announced the Ritz-Carlton has backed out of their deal to host the event.

According to a press release I just received from the show’s organizers, “An official document from Jill R. Hilts, Director of catering and sales for the Ritz-Carlton Pasadena gave reason for the cancellation stating, ‘This is an awards ceremony that celebrates the porno industry, and the Ritz-Carlton does not,’ and further stated, ‘We cannot have porno stars in our hotel.’ Ms. Hilts openly discriminating against an entire profession as she continued her assault on the adult industry in her letter saying, ‘You intend to use the Hotel facilities for a pornographic video awards ceremony. We cannot permit activities at the Hotel that our employees and many of our guests will find highly offensive. Your awards ceremony falls squarely within this classification.’”

I’d like to say a few things to Ms. Hilts: First off, lady, it ain’t the porno industry. It’s the porn industry. And they ain’t porno stars, they’re porn stars. If you’re gonna insult a bunch of people with your hoity-toity tone and a your shit don’t stink attitude, at least have the decency to call this biz and its hard-working and dedicated stars by their right names! And next time you book an event, maybe you should do your homework a little better! What’d ya think? It was some kind of tribute to the legenday Motown group? They were The Temptations, get it? As in plural, not singular!

In related news, loud and multiple chuckles were heard coming from the offices of AVN as news of these latest Temptation Awards problems came to light.

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