July 28, 2006

Is Mary Carey a ‘Tard?

I just read, on lukeisback.com, about Mary Carey’s outing as a porn star and gubernatorial candidate with her family. I’m not sure which they found more disturbing– That she’s a porn star or wants to be a politician. After all, the word “whore” is appropriate in definitions of either vocation, probably moreso for the latter. Anyway, now I’m thinking maybe Mary’s a ‘tard.

No, I don’t think Ms. Carey might be a candidate for the Special Olympics because of any physical or mental challenges her parents have lived with and passed down to her. It’s because of what she said during her (transcribed) phone call with Luke:

“I told Howard Stern about my dad. They want me to reunite with him on air. They called him up and his sister calls me: ‘How could you do that? He’s been made fun of all his life.’ I said, ‘Howard’s not going to make fun of him.’”

Hello! Earth to Mary Carey! Your Dad’s sister is 100% correct! Making fun of people is what the Howard Stern Show does! Why do you think they want to re-unite you and your Dad on the show? Because, suddenly, The Howard Stern Show is all about touchy-feely shit and they simply want to host this tearful reunion because they’re switching the show’s format to something more akin to Dr. Phil or Montel?

More often than not, I think porn people really are better off seen and not heard. (Although I doubt the Howard Stern Show would agree.)

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