July 29, 2006

LA Times: The Word “Porn” In Headlines Creates Popular Stories

According to an article at LATimes.com, the word “porn” in a headline is a great way to bring attention to an article, whether the article is about porn or not.

No wonder porn is so popular. It doesn’t even have to be porn or about porn to attract peoples’ interests. It just has to say the word “porn.” Damn! That’s power! I suppose that’s why we’re a $14B industry. How can you not make tons of money when the very word that describes your products attracts so many?

According to the LATimes.com article, Richard Rushfield, a senior editor at The Times website was asked how stories are rated for popularity. Mr. Rushfield said the “most e-mailed” instead of the “most viewed” list is the best indicator because the latter is updated every hour and changes rapidly. A “most e-mailed” article, which is updated daily, can stay on the charts for up to three weeks and enter the national consciousness.

A safe move for writers hoping to pen popular stories is to stick to topics that traditionally rise to the top of The Times’ list: real estate prices, health cures and religious controversy. Basically: money, health and God, in that order.

“And the word ‘porn’ always helps a lot,” Rushfield contends. “Sadly, the word ‘porn’ doesn’t appear as often as some would like on our home page.”

Yeah, I know what Mr. Rushfield means: I’m personally saddened by that situation myself.

Incisively, The Times article also points out that “…the real estate market is a massive bubble waiting to pop; porn stars lead boring, insular lives; and the only diet that works is fewer calories and more exercise.”

Hmmm… I think I actually learned something here.

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