July 31, 2006

A New Way to Post Press Releases

I think I’ve discovered a new way to do my part in getting press release information out there: I’ll just post the subject lines of the press releases. Cool, huh? This way, I don’t violate my personal ethics by posting sheer bullshit and, at the same time, I fulfill the hopes and dreams of publicists everywhere by actually publishing the informational portion of their PR crap which, I’m thinking, should retain my name on invitiation and guests lists for parties and events I usually don’t attend.

Damn! I think I’m a porn savant!

Waitaminute! I’ll go one better: I’ll not only post the subject line, but when I spot the press release on someone else’s site, I’ll hyperlink the subject line to the site that’s actually publishing this PR trash. Holy Toledo! I am a freakin’ porn genius!

So here’s today press releases in their simplest form. (Besides hyperlinking, I’ll use bold print on them cuz that’s the kind of helpful guy I am!)

Britney Rears 3 Is A Two Disc Collector’s Set

SugarDVD Makes NY Post’s Page Six!

Joone’s Pirates Takes 4 More Trophies

Digital Playground Releases “Control 3″

Wow! That was easy! I feel really good about this.

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