July 31, 2006

Temptation Awards Not Tempting Enough

It seems the Temptation Awards weren’t tempting enough to draw much of a crowd at the Westin-Bonaventure Hotel this past Saturday night. I kept looking for reports about the show but found it hard to find out much of anything about it. America’s porn journalist was there and he posted a report.

According to GP’s report, the only thing somewhat porn-news-worthy that happened at the show, i.e., that sounded remotely interesting, was his report of Holly Randall acting more like the subjects of her photography than a photographer of such people.

I searched for a list of winners and, finally, XBiz, the official media sponsor of the event (whatever that means) was good enough to post a partial list. This “partial list,” BTW, was a little too “partial” for my liking because I still don’t know if MY MOVIE WON A FUCKING AWARD!!!

That’s right. Something made by JimmyD was nominated in the Best Interactive category: Playing with Penny Flame. PWPF is part of Anarchy’s best-selling line of Playing With… interactives and my wallet and I are happy to say I’ve directed and shot just about all of them, including all the artwork photography,  and I’ve been doing so for two or three years. If you’re a buyer, you might know this series as the green titles.

I only found out this title was nominated through  journalistic perseverance, determination, and internet searching because nobody from the Temptation Awards team bothered to let the people at Anarchy Films know the title was nominated.

Here’s some advice from a guy who has never organized or produced an awards event: If you want people to participate in your awards show, especially those you nominate for an award, you might consider letting them know about it. By the way, I’m available as a consultant for such things or for anything else you’d like some consulting about re: the jizz biz.

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