July 29, 2006

Anal Awards Killed It for Me Too

Gene Ross’s AdultFYI.com accounting of George Witty’s appearance on KSEXradio this past Friday night sort-of cleared up the mystery surrounding the Temptation Awards getting an unceremonious boot from Pasadena’s Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

George Witty is the producer or organizer or someone who has something to do with the Tempation Awards. He’s also Canadian (eh?) and I’m really not sure what his actual connection to the jizz biz is… which might also have something to do with the show’s recent problems. But what do I know? Shit happens, right? I don’t know if shit happens in Canada but shit definitely happens here.

Anyway, according to George, it seems the problems with the Ritz-Carlton came to a head when some R-C employee opened a box of Temptation Awards trophies and which one do you think this employee pulled out? Yep. The trophy for the Anal Award. I guess that pretty much sunk the Temptation Awards at the R-C. When the lady at the Ritz proclaimed, according to Mr. Witty, “This is an awards ceremony that celebrates the porno industry, and the Ritz-Carlton does not.” What I really think she meant was, and I’ll paraphrase, “This is an awards ceremony that celebrates ASS-FUCKING and the Ritz-Carlton does not.”

You know what? If that’s what the lady from the Ritz really meant, I can’t say I completely disagree with her.

Giving awards and trophies for stuff like ass-fucking, in my opinion, pretty much destroys the credibility of the rest of the awards organizations give out. It’s absurd to give awards for shit like that. (Pun intended.) I can understand and endorse awards for “Best” movies, performers, new starlets, scenes, packaging, camerawork, whatever. But “Best” at getting fucked in the ass? People wonder why practically the entire universe does not take us, the adult biz, seriously? Well, that kind of stuff is a big part of it.

Okay. I had my say. Congratulations to whomever won any of the Temptation Awards. If you’re the big sodomy winner, I’ll bet your family and friends are proud! Something to someday tell the kids and grand-kids about, right?

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