August 28, 2006

Taylor Ash Ain’t a She-Male

Normally, I take little notice when AVN fails to get things right. This is the jizz biz, after all, where pissing is passed off as squirting and a Donkey Punch is just a bit of harmless fun. But in AVN’s short article about Damaged Pictures’ upcoming horror flick… I mean, skin flick titled, “Hermaphrodisiac,” AVN’s Eddie Adams refered to Taylor Ash as a she-male.

I’m not sure what constitutes a she-male in AVN’s definition book but I’m guessing even their definition–as wrong or right as it might be–wouldn’t put Taylor Ash in the she-male category.

Take it from a guy who has appraised Ms. Ash’s genitalia from close-quarters: There’s plenty of “she” there but I observed no “male.”

Anyway, I hope that clears it up for people. I understand Ms. Ash is now represented by LA Direct and I’m sure the management at LAD would be surprised to learn that Taylor is a she-male… which, she ain’t. I’m also thinking veteran meatpuppet, John West, would also be somewhat surprised to discover this as I shot him in a scene wherein he fucked Taylor quite soundly soon after Ms. Ash’s hermaphrodisiacal adventure.

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