September 4, 2006

Summertime Blues

Hopefully, the summertime blues are over… finished… history.

For many, this has been the worst summer, production-wise, in recent memory. I know some industry folks have stated they didn’t see much of a difference between this past summer’s slow-down and that of other summers’. That’s great…. for those people.

But, for just about everyone I’ve spoken to, the Summer of ‘06 sucked. And I’m not simply talking about production, although production (or the lack of it) was high on my list for why this past summer sucked, but I’m also talking about sales and collections. Make that collections. Collecting money is, after all, what it’s all about. Anyone can sell. Not everyone is as successful collecting on those sales and, from what I’ve heard, collecting money this past summer was, apprarently, not high on the lists of those who owe the money.

The lack of cash-flow, of course, is one reason production slowed so dramatically this past summer. This is a cash-flow business, at least for most companies. I’m sure some of the more well-heeled XXX companies endured the cash-flow crunch easier than others but, for many, when the cash gets cut-off or slows down it’s not pleasant nor does it encourage production.

Anyway, the summer is over and I’m hoping we see a production up-turn as is usually the case after the summer doldrums of earlier years. If not, there’s gonna be a lot of “splainin’ to do.”

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