September 1, 2006

Adam & Eve’s Party

I didn’t go to Adam & Eve’s big shin-dig last night. Like I’ve said many times, I don’t get out much. But a good friend of mine attended and, after speaking with him this morning, I feel qualified to report on it. What? Second-hand information ain’t good enough for jizz biz journalism? Since when? Second-hand info is like eye-witness testimony amongst porn’s news gathering and reporting entities. Plus, considering all the “news” that gets reported that is third and fourth generation, I’m thinking second-hand is just about as good as it gets.

Here’s the first thing my friend had to say about the party: “There were six-thousand people there but only about 17 of them you might want to talk to.”

I’m sure that’s an exageration. I’m sure there weren’t six-thousand people in attendance. We do have fire marshalls in LA.

My friend also said there were many people who stood on line to get in–stood for quite some time–and that he and his “date” were supposed to be on the VIP guest list but there was some kind of mix-up with that. (Yeah, sure, everyone says they’re on the VIP list.)

Me? I stick to going to Jeff Mullen’s parties. When Jeff says I’m on the list I’m on the list. When Jeff says I won’t be waiting on line I know I won’t be waiting on line. Oh yeah! And that goes for Adella too! When Adella says all that kind of stuff, all that kind of stuff is gonna be 100% correct-o-mundo!

So there you have it. A mini-non-report on Adam & Eve’s party. Doesn’t it make you feel better about this industry knowing JimmyD is on the job and keeping you informed about the important shit?

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