September 11, 2006

Playing with Jayna Oso

I shot Jayna Oso yesterday for Anarchy’s top-selling, interactive, Playing with… series. To call this series “top-selling” is not a bit of PR BS. It is what it is and I’ve directed and shot about thirty or more volumes of this series over the past few years.

Although she’s been around for a few years, it was my first time meeting and shooting Jayna. All I can say is Jayna rocks! She gives a kick-ass scene and she’s a lot of fun on the set. No Diva crap with Jayna: She arrived on time and was the shit all day. A typical production day for this series is 10 hours–we shoot a lot of content for it–and throughout the day, Jayna gave it her all.

I usually spend 3-4 hours shooting the pretty girl stills for this series. It’s the part I love doing best. I generally shoot three different outfits and I like to shake up the photo sets for each, sometimes adding props or set-pieces and utilizing different backgrounds. In the image I’ve posted with this, I added a little production smoke just for grins.

After the stills, we usually have lunch then begin the video production. There’s quite a bit to shoot before the meatpuppet arrives. This series has a lot of content pressed onto the DVDs: A tease sequence plus two, separate solos, and then the hardcore which, in Playing with Jana Oso, includes multiple BJ positions, hand job, titty fucking, 3 “vag” positions and then multiple “A” positions with none of the “fucking” positions repeating themselves. Consumers get their money’s worth with this product and that’s a fact, Jack!

BTW, work’s been a bit lean this past summer. And, like everyone else, I got bills… plus my studio’s bills! So, anyone looking for a shooter–stills, video, or both–send me an email. I’m available on location or in and with my stage. I can be there with the latest gear–even Hi-Def if that’s what you need–and I do package rates for all of the above. Hey! I figure I should start pimping myself as long as I’m pimping my clients, right? Oh yeah, also included in my rates is some PR pimping via this site. (Assuming that’s worth anything.)

Here’s a behind-the-scenes shot from the photo portion of yesterday’s shoot cuz, I’m told, some people like checking out the behind-the-scenes stuff.

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