October 16, 2006

Playing With Fire

People say you’re liable to get burned when you play with fire. And although things got pretty damn hot in the studio, no one got burned playing with this fire… Jada Fire, that is.

Sunday , I spent all day playing with Jada Fire. Actually, the truth is, the day’s lucky meatpuppet (John West) did the playing and I did the video and photo shooting for this newest volume of Anarchy’s best-selling, interactive, Playing with… line. This time, as you’ve probably already figured out cuz you’re all real smart, the show’s star is Jada Fire and the title of this newest interactive sex-fest is Playing with Jada Fire.

I’m not going to pimp this show with ridiculous hype. I’ll freely admit that no envelopes were pushed nor did we take porn to new levels. It was simply a day spent shooting basic, in-your-face, interactive, meat-and-potatos-and-anal hard-core smut. With, of course, much attention paid to detail and a vivacious, beautiful, and sexy babe working her ass off to give the viewers their money’s worth.

It was my first time shooting Jada even though she’s been in the biz since the late nineties. How’d that happen? I certainly don’t know. But once Jada and I each figured out we’ve each been around this biz for a fair bit of time, it was instant comraderie. That’s how it usually works.

Jada’s just plain beautiful. The camera loves her. The meatpuppets love her. Heck, I love her. No Diva crap. She arrived on-time and ready to go and, throughout the day, she was a lot of fun on the set. Shooting this line is a long day working through a lot of content. And that’s after about three-hours shooting glamour and pretty-girl images with multiple wardrobe changes.

I’m guessing Playing with Jada Fire will be popular with both Jada’s fans and fans of the series. There’ll be plenty to enjoy in this DVD including tease, two separate solos, plenty of BJ action, multiple “P” and “A” positions, a healthy facial, and a behind-the-scenes interview that begins while Jada’s still wiping the Cream of Man Soup off her pretty face.

Look for Playing with Jada Fire to release before the end of the year.

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