October 1, 2006

Hey! I Won a Photo Contest!

Some of you might know who Petter Hegre is. If you don’t, here’s the basic 411 on the guy: He’s one of the most famous and successful naked chick photographers in the world. You can check out some of his work by taking the tour at one of his sites, Hegre-Art.com.

Hegre also publishes a print magazine, The New Nude. You can pick up a copy of “The New Nude” at most newstands. It’s also an e-Zine. Anyway, I posted up a few pics at the online version of the “The New Nude” and, to my surprise, I’m the “Winner of the Week” for a B&W shot of our very own Cindy Crawford. I titled the image “Insanity.” If you know Cindy, you know it’s appropriate at times. Here’s the winning pic below. BTW, my winning photo gets me a free subscription (30 days) to Hegre-Art. Whoopee! More naked chics to check out. Something I so rarely get to do working in this biz!

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