October 9, 2006

The British Are Coming!

Actually, they’re already here and I was shooting for them for the past three days.

The show is called Porn Week and what they do is bring along a bunch of “guests” who get to hang out with pornstars and porn peeps while a bunch of porn gets made.

The “guests” were mostly Brits as well, although there was a Dutch guy and a Russian guy and a couple of American guys amongst them. The talent was a mix of British and American girls as well as meatpuppets. We shot both hard and soft as there’s a cable deal for these Porn Week productions. Porn Week, I’m told, also takes place in the U.K. as well as other countries around the world. I overheard them talking about the recent Porn Week in Prague and, for that show, they brought along about 70 guests! For Porn Week here, in the Valley, there were about a dozen “guests.” These are all paying guests, btw. Brilliant idea! Fucking genius! The “guests” bankroll a big chunk of the content by paying for their unusual and fun-filled & porn-filled vacations. And participating in Porn Week, as a “guest,” ain’t cheap!

Besides having front-row seats and interacting with the pornstars, the “guests” are also treated to field-trips to popular tourist attractions and nights-out to clubs — shuttled around by Natalie and Rachel, a couple of very easy-to-look-at Porn Week tour guides. They also stay in very upscale hotels, receive all their meals and plenty of liquid refreshments, etc., as part of the package.

You might be thinking some of these “guests” would be totally on the pervy side but that wasn’t the case at all. From what I saw, these guys were all completely respectful of the talent at all times while having a great time. Interestingly, most of them were as interested in “how” porn gets made as they were in watching it get made. It was a little weird at times, shooting with all these enthusiastic guys crowded around me, and I’ll admit it sometimes felt claustrophobic but, all-in-all, everything went quite smoothly and I had a good time! Garry, Porn Week’s producer, runs a tight ship and the guests’s itinerary was always kept moving forward and on schedule. (Since they’re Brits, it was on-SHED-jewel.)

Above is a shot I snapped of Jayna Oso with my Porn Week camera. I shot the stills for the show as well as one of the video-cams– High-Def of course.

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